About Us

SchoolTry believes in making the lives of students, parents and teachers better through technology.


SchoolTry is a one-size-fit-all Educational technology solution that adopts the innovative use of technology to facilitate a smart environment for school management and help school administrators, teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders to connect in real time.

SchoolTry simplifies process and maximizes result with the most sought-after features i.e. admissions,virtual classroom, computer based test and examination, advanced assignment, SMS integration, HR management, hostel management, result management, document management, infographic dashboard, school website, school geo-location, gallery, calendar, feed, e-library, assessment, attendance and fee payment.

SchoolTry is one of the most widely used educational solutions that is serving over 15 million users across Africa.


User-Specified Information

Every parent, teacher, student and teacher have access to all important information pertaining to them since our products are customized in a user specific way.

After Service Support

You can always trust a solution that keeps in touch even after the product has been deployed. SchoolTry welcomes your feedback at every point of the user experience. We thrive on your commentaries & requests and even proffer solutions and support to any user.

Decentralized Information

Our product will make the information decentralized and will make it easy for the different audience base (including teachers, students, and parents) to gain access to the information.

Cost Friendly

SchoolTry offers a free trial and a very affordable and flexible budget for every user. We have the best interests of our users at heart and also offer the best available services in ways that fits your budget.

Effective User Network

SchoolTry makes it very easy for the teachers, students and even the parents to use the app effectively which in turn creates an interesting experience for every user.

Updated User Accessibility

Every user enjoys free access to all the up-to-date and current information, events or happenings that take place in the school at the click of a button.


SchoolTry is constantly working towards making the lives of our users better by improving and upgrading our services and always giving out our best service at every point in time. We stand to keep using technology in the most innovative way possible because we believe that our great and innovative use of technology has created and will continue to offer a reliable solution for schools that will improve the connection between students, teachers and parents

We do not only make sure that all your activities are well managed; we also leave no stone unturned while ensuring that you are satisfied with our features. You can always trust us to handle any of your complaints. Through the WhatsApp contact on our website, you get to receive an instant reply to whatever complaint you might have.

We are very consistent and determined to improve your entire school management system and help every institution to reach its desired goal. At SchoolTry, We got you covered! .